About Us

After getting married in February 2014, we decided that the ultimate honeymoon would be to travel full time and we found a way to make that dream possible. We quit our jobs and hit the road with a T@b (Tab) S camper and our diesel VW Golf. Our plan is to explore the US, Canada, and possibly Mexico until we run out of money or decide we've found the most perfect place to put down roots. We left our home in Chicago with the expectation of being on the road about 12 months, or maybe longer if we don't want to give it up and find a way to sustain ourselves financially.

One of the most common questions we get is does our little car really tow our camper? Yes! Even through the mountains! And it tows beautifully. The camper has a tiny bathroom (toilet, shower, and sink), a basic kitchen (two burner stove, sink, and small refrigerator), and a sitting area with a table that folds down into a queen bed. We also have a Thule storage container for our car roof rack that contains our inflatable kayaks, paddles, and gear. 

The other most frequent question we get is how did we manage to pull it off? We saved our money, did a lot of planning, and took a leap of faith with the fact that we can always make more money, but now is the time to make these kinds of memories. Ryan previously worked as an art director for a major retail website and Kristin previously worked in nonprofit fundraising for a university. We don't own a home (other than our T@b), lived below our means, and had a modest wedding. No magic. No independent wealth. Just making our dream a priority.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment or email us if you have any questions!

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