F-Yeah Friday!

Hooray for today and finally having a win with the car!

First, a note on the meaning of F-Yeah Friday! Back when Ryan and I were working folk with regular Monday through Friday, 9-5 jobs, instead of bidding each other a TGIF on Friday mornings, we declared them F*** Yeah Fridays! It seemed to better represent our sentiment.

Well, today, Friday, we finally have something to celebrate. As anybody who has checked in with us recently about our trip knows, we have been waiting and waiting on the wiring for our car. We had a fantastic team of professionals who specialize in German cars working on ours so that the brakes and blinkers from the car would transfer to the camper. For safety.

As it turns out, our car is incredibly computerized which is both a blessing and a curse. After several attempts at wiring things the 'right' way, as they do in Europe, our mechanic finally gave up and we picked up our car yesterday. Having never done anything like this before, we decided to give it a shot.

Ryan has clocked about a million hours with online videos, studying how to splice and ground wires specific to our car and its computer, with our fate entirely in our hands. And it worked! Below is the moment immediately following the first successful use of the blinkers and breaks on the camper. It doesn't look like much, but it means everything to us.

Not only did we get the wiring to work, but we partially managed to do one thing our expert mechanic could not, which was to get one of our first options to work. We're practically wiring geniuses. Also, we are grateful for the internet and all those before us that took the time to write articles and post videos detailing everything we had to do.

Originally the wiring for the car would have been one small step in the process of leaving, but it has become a giant leap in the right direction and the only thing between us and adventure. Neither of us still believe it's actually real.

Only a couple days to launch now!


  1. Hurray. Mike always thinks its better to do it yourslf.


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