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Happy Belated One Month Anniversary

Thursday was officially our one month travelversary! We still cannot believe it has only been a month and we continue to be thankful every single day for this opportunity. With just over 6,000 miles logged in our rig, we are getting a rhythm and settling into our new routine. From Pinto Lake (Freedom, CA), we made our way to Chabot Regional Park, just across the Bay from San Francisco and used that as our home base for a couple days. For being tucked into an urban area, Chabot Park is very pretty and gives you the feeling of being in a remote woods. It sits atop a small mountain and contains a lake, fragrant eucalyptus trees (whether you love them or hate them...), and all sorts of wildlife. We saw deer and wild turkey within moments of entering the park, but what we didn't see were the wild cats of all sizes! After hearing something walking through the woods behind our camper we tried to spy it with the night vision scope, but were unable to spot anything. After unhitching at Cha…


Ahoy from Freedom, CA, our home base since Friday. This appears to be the heart of agricultural CA, with lettuces, strawberries, avocados, grapefruit, and cherries everywhere. Yum! It also makes me thankful for the farmers and agricultural workers who bring us such a delicious bounty.We have been falling in love with the central coast with nearly every city we visit. The Pacific ocean wows us over and over, and if you mix in some redwoods or otters we just can't resist. The first city we fell for was Morro Bay, which I discussed in the last post, but definitely deserves another mention.Friday we headed north from Morro Bay, erroneously thinking we had a chance at a coastal campsite without a reservation for Memorial Day weekend. No such luck, but thankfully Ryan found us an overflow site at Pinto Lake near Freedom which has served as our home base for the weekend as it is strategically located in the middle of all the places we wanted to visit at a very reasonable price.Friday eve…

California Dreaming

Our first stop in California was Joshua Tree National Park and it was spectacular! We pulled into camp late Sunday night and almost had the place to ourselves. Monday morning we got up early and did a tour of the park. It was hot but as we climbed in elevation there was some relief with the temperatures. The unique desert scape alone is worth the trip, but the stunning rock formations sealed the deal as the best park we've been to so far. We're in a little bit of a rush now, but Joshua Tree ranks high on our list of re-visits so we can spend a good chunk of time exploring it in depth.

Monday afternoon we started our super diverse trek from Joshua Tree to Lake Jennings via the Sulton Sea, the sandiest desert I've ever seen, and out the other side of some wooded mountains. We also took one of the neatest roads I've ever driven: Box Canyon Road, just south of Joshua Tree. It winds you down an old river bed tucked between two rock faces and then spits you out near the Sulto…

Tucson and Moving On

What we thought would be a boring, one day stop in Tucson turned terrifying and then everything was great.Our first 10,000 mile car maintenance checkup was nearing, so we made an appointment at a VW dealership in Tucson for Saturday. We decided to stay just outside of town at Catalina State Park, but when we were just a couple miles from the park the car shuddered in low gear as we were accelerating up a hill.We ran a couple errands, including a stop at Starizona, the most awesome telescope store in the US. While Ryan talked shop with a guy at the store, I looked at spectacular photos taken from the International Space Station (ISS) by NASA astronauts using a special telescope photography adaption invented and made at Starizona. When we got into the car after Starizona we got the dreaded check engine light. Our hearts sank, but at least it happened at the best imaginable time possible: we weren't towing, we were in a city, and we already had an appointment at the dealership first …

Two Weeks and Over 3,000 Miles

Traveling like this is like living in a time warp and we can hardly believe it has only been two weeks since we left home to explore the great beyond. It feels like a month. We continue to find beauty everywhere we go, learn about something we never knew existed, and meet the kindest, most interesting people. Since our last check in from Marfa, TX, we have left the state and are currently making our way through New Mexico. Before I talk about what we've been up to, I just have to say how much we loved Marfa. Before we visited, I think we would have agreed that we had no desire to live in a tiny desert town, but we have been converted. Marfa is a place where we both envision ourselves making a disappearance if need be. As I was sitting at the common picnic table at the Tumble In, it struck me that Marfa really feels like a movie set. I swear I even saw a man riding a horse down the street and we fed the sweetest stray dog that seemed to be a regular at our dinner spot. The sound of…