Happy Belated One Month Anniversary

Thursday was officially our one month travelversary! We still cannot believe it has only been a month and we continue to be thankful every single day for this opportunity. With just over 6,000 miles logged in our rig, we are getting a rhythm and settling into our new routine.

From Pinto Lake (Freedom, CA), we made our way to Chabot Regional Park, just across the Bay from San Francisco and used that as our home base for a couple days. For being tucked into an urban area, Chabot Park is very pretty and gives you the feeling of being in a remote woods. It sits atop a small mountain and contains a lake, fragrant eucalyptus trees (whether you love them or hate them...), and all sorts of wildlife. We saw deer and wild turkey within moments of entering the park, but what we didn't see were the wild cats of all sizes! After hearing something walking through the woods behind our camper we tried to spy it with the night vision scope, but were unable to spot anything.

After unhitching at Chabot Park on Tuesday afternoon, we checked out Berkeley. We walked around downtown, saw a tiny shard of the campus, and had dinner at Picante. We also walked all of the remaining 3,000 feet of the pier which used to extend 3.5 miles into the Bay and served as a travel hub, but now serves as a base for amateur fishers.

Wednesday was our day for San Francisco! We let the rush hour traffic subside and drove downtown late morning. Our first order of business was lunch and Ryan found the most incredible vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown called Enjoy. We both loved our food and would eat there every day if we could. I wish I was there right now.

After lunch we did a bunch of walking, starting with Fisherman's Wharf. We enjoyed the musicians and entertainers, watched the sea lions at Pier 39, went to the National Park Museum for the Bay, and ate ice cream. We continued our culinary journey by stopping at the Ghirardelli factory to get a birthday treat for Lauren. To work it all off we walked straight up the side of a hill to that famously windy street, Lombard.

We walked the million or so blocks back to the car, drove through Presidio Park, saw the last remaining building from SF's World's Fair, and then drove down the western coast and miles of beaches I had no idea existed. In an effort to let the evening rush hour traffic dwindle, we stopped at our first In-N-Out Burger (when in Rome!) and I had a grilled cheese. We decided it was pretty OK.

Yesterday, our one month anniversary, was a travel day. Driving north through the valley we saw all sorts of vineyards and olive trees as a reminder of life's delicious luxuries. Our surroundings escalated quickly, taking us from the golden hills to the evergreen mountains and our camp in Lakeshore/Lakehead, Antlers Park, where we awoke this morning happy to have not been attacked by bears.

Today was another travel day, but one of a much more leisurely pace than yesterday. We slept in and did some rearranging of the car this morning before heading out. Driving through the mountains is a stark contrast to the deserts we've been through the majority of the time and I had to keep reminding myself we were still in California; at least until we crossed state line into Oregon halfway through the day. We saw mighty Mount Shasta and now have to be aware of seasonal roads and remember that there are places that still have snow.

Currently camped at Stewart State Park on Lost Creek Lake in the Rogue Valley, our plan for tomorrow is to see Crater Lake, one of Oregon's seven wonders. We also hope to check out some hot springs which were a pro tip from my sister. This is the first time we've been hooked up to electric in well over a week. We've been using our solar chargers and they have been working wonderfully!


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