It's Our One Week Anniversary!

It feels like much longer, but today is our one week travel anniversary! We've learned so much in these past 1,000+ miles and we've had a lot of fun. We've also installed hooks and caddies on every flat surface of the camper to optimize our storage options.

Since our last post from Shawnee National Forest, we spent a night in Little Rock, AR, and then headed to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. We found a good campsite and spent the weekend doing a little hiking and exploring the historic city of Hot Springs.

From Hot Springs we went southwest and had a layover northeast of Dallas. We got an early start the next day and reached our current destination, Austin, TX. We're staying at an RV park in the heart of downtown with easy access to the city.

Ryan has a friend here who has been a wonderful host and tour guide. We've been doing some of the traditional tourist things like checking out the music scene, eating at hipster restaurants, and visiting Circuit of the Americas where someone left the gate open and we drove much closer to the track than we should have been able to. Ryan snuck in a couple minutes of watching Jaguars race around the hairpin before we were asked to leave.

We plan to spend another day or two here before we head south or west. Or southwest. We'll figure it out!


  1. That hooks and caddies thing is a rite of passage, but they do make a difference. I always have to live in the thing for a bit to figure out where to put them. Happy First Anniversary!!

  2. any hipster restaurant that stands out as a must for the next visitor?

  3. You've been bricolaging!! :)


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