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Changing Course and Shifting Gears: We're Heading East

Look out east coast and Canada, we're coming at you! We've been making serious progress across the country and expect to make landfall in Batavia tomorrow for a brief stopover on our way to Cincinnati for a wedding and then onto the northeast. We are excited to see Ma and Pa LaBoube, take showers, launder our clothing, and try out our new solar panel!For the most part we have been cruising through the midsection of our nation, but made brief stops at Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming and Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Devil's Tower is beautiful and sacred, and of course a must see for enthusiasts of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We camped there one night and met two really neat couples, one from Canada and one from the greater Chicago region (hello!). Both were interested in our rig (we continue to be a bit of a spectacle wherever we go) and we're always happy to meet new people and talk about our setup and our journey. Plus, we al…

Sounding Off About Seattle

Happy Father's Day to any dads reading this! Especially our fantastic fathers, Tom and Bob!Our last stop, for now, on our tour of the west coast was the Seattle area. The stop served a dual purpose for both touring and scouting a potential new home base in life. Seattle was a lot of fun and we had a great guide in Lenny! We pulled into camp in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, on Tuesday afternoon. The park at which we stayed was OK, but served as a good home base for exploring the area. After unhitching we headed into the city for tacos and some beer with Lenny. We then met up with some of Lenny's friends and went to a super funny comedy show. From there we hit up a couple bars. We played a game of three person pool which Lenny won and then became a race to the bottom for Ryan and me as we struggled to make any shots. We even met another Lenny and the guys had some late night burgers.At the recommendation of several people we started Wednesday at the Pike Place Market in Se…

Washington, We Love You!

Friday was a short drive to Seaquest State Park in Washington, just west of Mt. St. Helens and back amongst the people that pump their own gas! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to not pump your own gas in Oregon? We did a quick tour of spectacular Mt. St. Helens, hiking the Hummocks trail and visiting the Johnston Ridge Observatory. What an incredible volcano! The devastation caused by the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens is noticeable and dramatic, but the landscape is still so beautiful. It's amazing to think what it must have been like.

We awoke to a light drizzle on Saturday morning, but it quickly dissipated, giving way to glorious sunshine. We drove northwest to the Olympic Peninsula and our camp for the next couple nights in the Hoh Rainforest, one of the incredible ecosystems in Olympic National Park. The Hoh is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US and if you stand still for too long moss will begin to grow on you. After our long driving day, we spent t…

Team Re-Calculate Conquers Oregon

Where has the time gone? We spent it in Oregon!First, a note on Team Re-Calculate (TRC). It is comprised of my sister Heather, her husband Seth, Ryan, and me. I guess we're Team Re-Calculate 2.0 now with the addition of my sister's daughter, Beatrice. We originally teamed up four-ish years ago in France while visiting my mother and her husband. We were loaned a right hand drive car with an indecisive GPS and tasked with finding our way from Paris to La Trinite-Porhoet via Versailles. Seth took the helm and the GPS would offer suggestions and then re-calculate as soon as you were following them. We eventually made it, but not after some frustration.Starting where I left off with my last post, we have been busy, busy, busy; morning, noon, and night. In a good way!Last Saturday we started off at Stewart State Park on Lost Creek Lake in southern Oregon. We got up early and went to Crater Lake National Park, one of Oregon's seven wonders. There was so much snow! In fact, only t…