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Au Revoir, Quebec!

Visiting Quebec has been like a mini vacation to Europe. The Quebecois do a fantastic job of creating an entirely different culture inside their borders and we surely have enjoyed it. Today, however, will likely be our last day in the province. Our original plan was to traverse the entire Gaspe peninsula, but last night we decided we would rather move on and begin our New Brunswick adventure. It's not that Gaspesie isn't beautiful, because it definitely is, and we've been enjoying the landscape and seaside towns, but we just felt burdened by the amount of time we would have to spend getting around the peninsula and figured our time was better spent elsewhere. From our time in Montreal, we made the short jaunt to Quebec city, where we stayed just across the river in St Nicolas at the Sous Bois campground, a cute little place with twice daily train rides for kids. Tuesday we got an early start and headed into Quebec, where the walled city contains many of the firsts for the …


We dedicated last Thursday to life maintenance (laundry, groceries, etc.), which was perfect for the drizzly day. It was at the laundromat that we first learned of the Malaysian flight being shot down and of the Israelis invading Gaza. Is the world always so violent and it's only when you step back that you notice it? Either way, it's sad news on all fronts and our thoughts are with everybody impacted by all this. 
Friday turned out to be an absolutely perfect day for another hike. We chose Ampersand Mountain because it was in a part of the park we had not yet seen and because the views were supposed to be beautiful. On our way to the trail head we stopped at a mountaineering store in Keene where Ryan was FINALLY able to get an altimeter! He was, and still is, so excited!
The first part of the hike was gentle and through a pretty wooded area. While the hike was only 1700' of elevation gain over a couple miles, it was almost entirely at the end and straight up rock staircas…