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A Vacation From Our Vacation

The past two weeks feel a bit like the movie What About Bob, where a psychologist prescribes his clinically anxious patient a vacation from his fears. Hilarity ensues! We prescribed ourselves a vacation from our vacation and hit the North Carolina coast for some sun and swimming.

As much as this trip probably seems to be blissfully free of responsibility, it turns out that traveling like this is a lot of work. There is constant planning and navigating of unfamiliar areas. And the driving. So much driving! Not only the driving, but towing the camper is an additional stress, especially through a city where people are constantly trying to get around you (even if you are doing the speed limit) and pulling out in front of you because, perish the thought, they should be stuck behind us! On top of that we experience car and camper breakdowns that need immediate attention and require us to very quickly become experts on things like water pumps, air conditioners, water tank valves, and hitches…

The US History Tour

From where I previously left off, after having to scrap our original plan for New York City and finding ourselves, instead, at Harriman State Park, we were happy for the delay. Having arrived on a Sunday afternoon, the party campers were packing up to leave and we practically had the place to ourselves. The wildlife is quite habituated to people and we had deer grazing right through our campsite. It was the day off we needed but hadn't planned.
Harriman State Park is tucked behind the western bank of the Hudson River, just north of NYC, amongst the green mountains. The area is well known for its palisades, which are steep rock cliffs that line the western side of the river and are named for their resemblance to wooden fences. We had no idea there was such great beauty so close to NYC. Last Monday we took the commuter train into NYC, landing at the famous Grand Central Terminal. We snagged a quick lunch of sandwiches from the Blue Olive deli and walked to Rockefeller Center. I can&…