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Desert Living

Not a lot has happened since the last post, yet somehow a week has passed. We have mostly been taking it easy in the desert, which has been pretty nice. As fall begins to settle in and we head farther south chasing the sunshine and warm temperatures, I feel more and more like our snowbird RV peers.
From where I left off in Idaho, we traveled south and back to Utah Lake State Park in Provo, Utah, where we had previously stayed on our way north to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Our car was due for routine service and new tires, so we spent the day doing some life maintenance. The highlight of our stop in Provo was probably Bombay House where we dined two nights in a row. Ryan discovered the restaurant and we agree that it is some of the most delicious Indian food we have ever had. If you ever find yourself near Provo, do yourself a favor and have a meal here. 
One surprising thing we have learned from our time in the southwest is that there is a monsoon season. Who knew?! I…

Utah, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons

From the last post, we headed out of southwestern Colorado and crossed the border into Utah. Spoiler alert: we skipped southern Utah on this trip. We agree that it is some of the most spectacular land in this country, but a large part of what this trip is about is exploring new places. We visited Bryce and Zion two summers ago and loved them. In fact, Zion is where Ryan proposed to me, so they have a special place in our hearts. We highly recommend them!Our first stop in Utah on this trip was Canyonlands National Park. Neither of us had heard of it, so we really weren't sure what to expect. We rolled into the park early on a Saturday afternoon and were able to snag a campsite. As we later learned from the super friendly campground host, we completely lucked out. We were on the cusp of the really busy season and the campgrounds fill up quickly. People wait for the temperature to come down from averages in the 100s, which usually happens a week or two after we visited, but we were f…