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Home Is Where You Park It...

...And we're parking it in Seattle! Ryan has accepted a new job and we have officially moved into our new apartment! Ryan was recruited out of the blue for what amounted to be his dream job and we had loved Seattle when we were here earlier in the trip, so we decided to call it quits early and settle down here.

This will likely be the last blog post for a little while. We will still hit the road looking for adventure, but our honeymoon road trip is over.

From where I left off in the last post, we headed straight to Seattle, but not before seeing a scorpion and a javalina before leaving our beloved McDowell Regional Park. Ryan found the scorpion hiding under one of the bins we use to carry some RV equipment and I saw the javalina while I was out running errands. The javalina sprinted across the road, those tiny little legs carrying that rolly-polly body, and leapt into a bush in someone's front yard. It was quite the sight to behold!

We overnighted in Palm Springs and it felt e…

The Grand Canyon State

We're still in Arizona! We've stepped down our travel pace and have been biding our time in Arizona, taking in some sunshine, enjoying the desert, and planning our next moves. The last post left off in Flagstaff, where we spent several days. We really enjoyed the area and felt like locals by the time we left.We spent a day in Sedona, exploring the city and the surrounding vortexes. The drive south from Flagstaff to Sedona winds through a beautiful canyon. It was way too hot and sunny for hiking the day we were there, so we viewed the Bell Rock from the parking lot. The idea with the vortexes is that they are special rock formations from which the Earth's energy seeps. The evidence given are the twisted juniper trees nearby. While nearly every juniper we have seen on this trip has been twisted, there is a certain tingling you can feel, but perhaps that is psychosomatic.

After a hot and sweaty morning, we drove back north through the canyon, stopping at Slide Rock State Park…